The Extra-Regular Life

Welcome to my blog - my words of inspiration, wisdom, humor, and the stories of living authentically.  The mask comes off.  



B3taMinutes - Motivation

"Wait a minute, Now let's take a minute..."

I put my logic to the test to provide insights on how I view the world.  If you need some motivation in your life or a quick pick me up when times get tough, take a listen.

#ThisIsTarge - Humor

"Can I help you feel something?"

Welcome to the Feels Department and I'm micro-managing all the feels because someone has to.    



Extrarexia - Fitness & Health

"New Year New Me, B*tches"

I have Extra-rexia, its a self-diagnosed disease where you always have to show off and be over-the-top (you know someone).  The only way to fix it is through taking care of yourself and living a balanced life.  These are my stories of how I beat Extra-rexia.

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