#Vanlife with Seattle Met Magazine

A dream come true! Oh the places you’ll go.

Image:  Kyle Johnson  // Seattle Met Magazine

Image: Kyle Johnson // Seattle Met Magazine

The road to landing the cover of Seattle Met Magazine started many years ago.

#Vanlife is something that has been familiar to me. Growing up, my family took to the road for every adventure. “Are we there yet?” was the real struggle as a child. The most extra road trip my family did was moving from Albuquerque, New Mexico all the way to Anchorage, Alaska. My father was in the United States Air Force and received orders to be stationed at Elmendorf AFB, AK. Talk about cross-country and cross-continent!

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A Dodge van packed with a family of five. In the spring of 1997, we set off on the greatest adventure any kid could ever imagine. The trek was a seven day expedition where the first stop was visiting my relatives in Venice, CA to say farewell before leaving the “Lower 48”. The road became my second home. I got to witness the changing landscape of the beautiful continent. From the arid deserts of the Southwest, the tropical coasts of Los Angeles, to the far reaching evergreens of the Pacific Northwest, the winding roads of the Canadian Rockies, and finally arriving to what is truly the “Last Frontier” - Alaska. I felt like a pioneer and this was my version of the Lewis and Clark adventure.

Fast forward to the present and what a gift to be featured on the cover of the Roadtrips issue. Though this trip was a mere 2.5 hour drive from Seattle to Naches, located in Eastern Washington. The drive brought back the memories and the meaning of my family excursions as the topography changes from the lush forest greenery to arid rolling hills of wine country.

What I find of value on road trips it allows you to be fully present. Yes, the destination is the sought after goal but its not what you focus on. You focus on what is just ahead or round the next corner. The space allows for you to figure out how to entertain yourself. Either be miserable or find the fun in along the way. Along the highways there are plenty of tourist spots, attractions, parks and monuments. Truly allow yourself to take the pits stops and rest when you need to. This is reflective of my philosophy on life. I am thankful for my parents to allow me to learn this early on in life.

Life isn’t about rushing to the next location it is learning to allow the adventure unfold before your eyes
— Mr. JaneJacobs

What ever you wish to pursue, go for it. The end goal will be there but always remember to enjoy each milestone along the way as you get closer to attaining your dream. Life isn’t about rushing to the next location it is learning to allow the adventure unfold before your eyes. To find new companions, to jam out to your favorite music, to love the journey. You’ll come up on some bumpy parts but you will steer clear because chasing the dream is just as honorable as achieving the dream.

Lastly, don’t forget to take photos along the way.

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