Get that Glow-Up: MrJaneJacob's 4 Skincare Secrets

Lets face it, we're only getting older - but you don't have to look your age. 

Left:  Age 24 //  Right: Age 29

Left:  Age 24 //  Right: Age 29

It's been said that good skin is a sign of great health.  I'm a firm believer in that.  I decided to document my journey to unlock my best health and boy am I glad I did.  The picture above shows the progression of when I started and fast forward to now - the results are a shock to me.   Results take time and I knew this transformation was not going to happen over night - it was a complete lifestyle change. 

Your skin is the first layer of defense from the war-zone and  onslaught from the environment, pollution, and toxins when you leave your home. These are my not-so-secret "secrets" that aren't just skin deep.  

1.  That Beauty Sleep, though.

In my early twenties,  I was sleep deprived from working full-time and being a full-time student while juggling a social life, and trying to achieve that best life.   On average, I only got 3-5 hours of rest a night.  I was part of "Team No Sleep" and girl did that wreak havoc on my body.   Dark circles, the wear & tear of late nights, partying, etc., deeply impacts not just your skin but your entire body.

A good night's rest is where your body repairs all the damage done from the day.  What I was doing was short changing my body's rejuvenation time. This is important in collagen production of your skin.  When you live a busy life with a million things to do, you can see where cutting sleep out of the schedule seems like the best option - NOT.  Give your body the break it needs and know that sleep is as important than what you allow.   On average now I'm soaking up 7-8 hours of sleep a night where the recommend is 7-9 hours.   

TIP: Yes, getting this amount of sleep is possible and I did it by setting a bedtime reminder on my phone to remind me to start my night routine wind down. That last episode can wait until tomorrow, turn off the tv and Zen the F out.  

2.  Man-Up & Moisturize

Contrary to societal norms,  its time for men to take skincare seriously.   We all have skin yet, this demographic of the population ain't doing a damn thang.   Ever notice older couples, the lady is looking great but her significant other is looking a little rough?  Exactly.   EVERYONE needs to make this a daily ritual because skin is in, hunny.

Find yourself a skincare line that you can trust.  Once I made the switch from cheap, ineffective, and gimmicky brands  to my trusted product partner, I've seen dramatic results in overall appearance of improved skin health with reduced fine lines, wrinkles, baggy, and dark circles. 

Use sunscreen to protect your skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays.  I used to believe that I didn't need sunscreen because I have a dark complexion.  That myth is busted.  My chocolate skin needs protection against these rays too especially enjoying the Seattle summers of all day exposure.  Do not be fulled by the cloud cover either, those rays still penetrate through the gloomy clouds. 

TIP:    Its time to put yourself first when you wake up and when you go to bed. This is part of my morning and night routine.   Do not leave the house without washing your damn face - Man-up & moisturize.

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3. OMG for Omega-3's 

I love me some fatty foods - the good fats.  There are many benefits that Omega-3 which include supporting healthy brain function,  reducing depression & anxiety, bone & joint and your SKIN!  I like to say this is where the glow and evenness comes from!  As this helps in the production of oils, hydration and preventing acne.  

TIP: The most obvious source is found in fish, but you can also get it from Tofu, Spinach, an Chia seeds to name a few.   I take a pharmaceutical fish-oil supplement that has been filtered to remove the toxins such as mercury that are found in many fish-oil products on the market.  Do your research because you owe yourself the best health. 

4.  Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

Are you really living your best life if it doesn't include getting off your ass?   Movement is key to overall health and if your skin is a reflection of that.    Put some sweat equity in your weekly routine to really get the blood flowing and oxygen.  Hydrate as well to keep your skin supple and looking young.

TIP:  Go exercise now.  You'll feel better.