Mr. JaneJacobs discovers the printing press

Meet Cat. She is an artist. I am Mr. JaneJacobs - a dreamer. This is what happens when our worlds collide.

(Spoiler Alert: Happiness Ensues)

Image: Cat Snapp Studio

Image: Cat Snapp Studio

Letter writing is the truest form for someone else to know how you truly feel, uninterrupted.
— Mr. JaneJacobs

Growing up, I’ve always love sending letters to friends and relatives. Letter writing for me is the deepest connection I have the ability to give to others when I truly want to stay in contact. Each of us are busy in our own worlds, writing words of gratitude helps slow down time to truly make me feel grounded.

Photo: Cat Snapp Studio

Photo: Cat Snapp Studio

The way I see it, letter writing is the truest form for someone else to know how you truly feel, uninterrupted. I bet you most of your conversations are always warranting a reply, whether you want one or not. I ask you this, when was the last time someone actually listened to you? In world more connected than ever, why is it that we crave connection even more? Try sending a letter to someone and tell me the results you feel.

So how did I meet the wonderful Cat? On a hike of course! As we made our way up to Rattlesnake Ledge, I expressed to Cat my love for letter writing. She joyfully replied, “I’m an artist and a small business owner specializing in letter-press greeting cards and stationery.” Guess who became my bestie for the rest of hike up?! I further expressed that it would be a dream of mine to make greeting cards and that a collaboration would be great to get my ideas out there.

Over the past year, I visited Cat bouncing ideas around and rough sketches. After having about 20 ideas, we consulted on which designs were the standouts! What I love about our collaboration, was where the limits of what I could draw out of my head, Cat was able to catch the ideas, taking them further than I’ve imagined! I am thrilled to announce this dream come true!

I cannot thank Cat enough for this awesome collaboration! She has done magic to create gifts that others can share in all moments of life. I will never forget Cat stating, “My greeting cards are just half of it, I find delight knowing that its up to the person to complete my work.”

To find out more about CatSnapp Studio and more of her amazing designs: