Who is Mr. JaneJacobs?  Meet the man behind the umbrella. 


Hi, I'm Michael Scott Dixon.  This site is dedicated to showing others how I live my life authentically. 

As far as I can remember, I've always had a curiosity to learn.  It wasn't until my early 20's I began to expanding my knowledge in nutrition, wellness, and fitness because I started to fall into unhealthy habits.    I was the term "Skinny-Fat".  Slim but with low-energy, tired, winded walking up a flight of stairs and truly unsatisfied with life.  By not taking control of my life led me do drift of course which is easily to do and wonder "how did I end up this way?"

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Having no other choice but to focus on the man in the mirror, I decided to make a clear choice of what I fed my body in terms of diet, what I watched and read, and the people in my social sphere.  I surrounded myself with a team of wellness-mind individuals and influencers where I saw who the person who I knew I could become.   

My path is to support others along their journey to discovering their best self imaginable.   I am a motivator; to be a cheerleader for you.  To see past your current reality and direct your energy to a future that is full of abundance and happiness.  Its no mistake you happened upon Mr. JaneJacobs.  You're looking for belief.  Well, guess what?  YOU came to the right person, Hunny!

"Through these pages, you will witness a man live the best parts of his life."

- Mr. JaneJacobs

Honest, Truthful, Pure, and To Love Himself

So He Can Be

Honest, Truthful, Pure, and To Love Others.