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Rich & Ratchet Kitchen: Webisodes

Who says eating well has to be so expensive?   I came from a family where the quality of food did not have to be sacrificed by over priced items.  My mother always told me, "If you want to eat like a king; you must learn how to cook."  I am grateful for her teachings in the kitchen so that I'm able to cook the foods I want within budget.

This is the premise of Rich & Ratchet Kitchen webisodes.  I want to break it down for you as I cook.  I want to show how much fun I'm having with the foods I create.  They are simple, flavorful, and the episodes are here to bring you fun, entertainment and information.  Now, lets get to cooking hunny! 


Welcome to Season III

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Episode 1: Coffee Dry Rub

Check out this MrJaneJacob’s Original Recipe. For the love of his coffee, this dry rub adds powerful flavor in a pinch!

Great for: Beef, Pork, Chicken


Episode 2: Marinating 101

Marinades are the key to deep flavors. Learn two of MrJaneJacobs’ favorite blends to soak in all the good-good! In this two-part episode!



Episode 3: Chicken Adobo Throwback

This is the un-aired episode that started it all of Season 1, Pilot Episode. I poke fun at the one who taught it all to me, my mother.



Episode 4: Coriander Chicken & Potatoes

A new recipe to the Rich and Ratchet Kitchen! This will make you do a little dance and make a little love, hunny!


Episode 5: Blasian BBQ Pork

A quick episode, that brings puts the coffee dry rub to the test!


Episode 6: Cheviche and Larb Gai

My go-to party appetizers to wow your friends and their stomachs!! Traditional Cheviche and Laos Larb Gai (Chicken Salad)


Episode 7: Rocky Mountain Meatballs

I remixed my Japanese Meatball recipe to create a mile-high dish of deliciousness.

Secret Ingredient? ELK!


Episode 8: Cuban Yellow Rice & Chicken

I’ve enlisted some help from my East Coast friend Andrew as he brings a dish to the Rich and Ratchet Kitchen inspired by his Cuban grandmother!


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